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Welcome To Sunrise Homeschooling

Homeschooling is not a new concept in Kenya. Many parents have taken their children through this model of schooling with enormous success. In fact, some families have taken all their children through this model and those children have gone ahead to pursue careers of their choice in private and public universities without any hindrances at all. 

Homeschooling is extremely popular in western world and first world countries like the USA, Europe, South Africa, and its largely becoming popular in the other parts of the world and majorly in Africa. 

In Kenya, there are Increasing numbers of parents deciding to take control of their children’s education and subscribing to the homeschooling model, given its enormous intellectual, social and economic benefits.

Our Mission Statement

  1. We provide a quality, rigorous education while taking into account each individual student's learning style.
  2. We foster an intuitive environment to deliver quality education which allows students, without the restrictions of time and place, to take ownership and responsibility of their education goals.
  3. We provide access to cutting edge technologies; create diversity through curriculum and student body in order to give them a competitive advantage in this global 21st century.
  4. We foster a school culture based on a strong and effective partnership between our administration, teachers, parents, and students.
  5. To offer quality solution to parents who for various reason have chosen to educate their children virtually and do so in a way that delivers quality and value for money.

  6. To offer a chance to students who for various reasons may not be able to attend physical classes and do so in a unique way that enables the student to live actively and responsibly even after school.
  7. To model sharp, vibrant and dynamic learners by connecting them with other learners across the globe within our system which is a classroom without walls or borders.

  8. To unbundle schooling and cause it go viral by offering quality and globally acceptable education, making it accessible, affordable, and convenient to learners from across the world.

Our Vision Statement

To be the leading virtual schooling platform globally.

Our Values

  1. Quality.  We want our students to be properly educated and challenged such that they are adequately prepared to fit competitively in our fast-changing world.

    We have professional teachers who love to see their students excel, our teaching style is learner centered, hence, encouraging the learner to form discipline of self-driven research.

  2. Value. We ensure to add, deliver, and maintain value. Our lesson plans are well researched and articulated. We have embraced models of training and retraining our teachers to ensure that their skills are sharpened and up to date by taking them through frequent professional courses.

  3. Professionalism. Our teaching and administration staff have been trained to deliver their services in line with global professional ethics with no compromise.

  4. Integrity. We believe responsible citizens are those who value and practice integrity. We communicate this clearly to our students and staff and encourage them to put it in practice at every opportunity that presents itself with courage and conviction.

What Is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is a model of schooling where the child receives formal education within the home setting, and without having to attend traditional school/classes. In homeschooling, it’s expected that a guardian e.g a parent will offer requisite support and guidance to their children in learning. In our case, we set-in to assist the parents by offering the following:

  1. Quality education though online classes that covers the syllabus in time
  2. Classes are conducted by teachers that are fully qualified, widely experienced and fully registered by TSC and international bodies
  3. Help register the students for national and international examinations.
  4. We assist in getting examination centers for national exams.
  5. Set and certify assignments and exams
  6. We prepare and send learner's progress reports to the parents half-termly, we also make time to discuss the same through academic clinics.
  7. We support parents in acquiring learning materials.

The Benefits Of Homeschooling With Sunrise

There are many benefits to home educating your child with us:

  1. Quality – We guarantee fully fledged, robust teaching and tuition services, and in full compliance with the curriculum of your choice. Our teachers are fully qualified, widely experienced and registered with the  Teachers Service Commission and international bodies for international curricula.

  2. Safety – With global pandemics that seem to mutate daily, our learners are covered since they get to learn from the safety of our homes. We also provide our learners who may in one way or another be struggling with health issues a convenient way of navigating through their education journey.

  3. Cost – You will save big on school fees and transport costs as our prices are highly subsidized and our learners have school coming to them not the other way round. It is a relief to note that parents have reported up to 80% savings of schooling costs with our services. Quality education does not have to be expensive!

  4. Convenient – Children do not need to wake up at 5am to catch the bus, or spend hours stuck in traffic. In traditional schooling, some students have been enrolled to schools that are 20/30km away from home. These children take 1-2 hours in the morning and again in the evening. The result is that the student is always tired and does not learn well given the exhaustion and lack of proper sleep and is still expected to do homework. In homeschooling there is none of this. The classes start well after breakfast and there are enough breaks in between classes.

  5. Relaxed learning – Timetables are drawn to allow the children have relaxed class schedules and still cover the syllabus in time and in an environment that is pleasantly familiar.

  6. Global coverage - Our learners are not tethered to one locality since ours is a classroom without walls, in case of change of location for example during travel or moving houses, our learners do not miss out on class as they can log in from any part of the world that has internet coverage.

  7. Extra-curricular activities – Play time is very vital to child’s development. We are working on arranged schedules that will allow our students to participate in extra-curricular activities at least once every week, for different localities at different times. such will include sporting, dance, music, biking etc.

  8. Holistic family benefits – In countries where homeschooling is largely practiced like USA, UK,
    South Africa, it has been reported that stronger family ties emerge. A child’s behavior is majorly modeled by the parent, In a fast changing world, it is becoming increasingly important for parents to monitor what their children feed on in terms of information and values and what a better way to do so than through homeschooling?

  9. With the globe becoming increasingly interconnected, our students benefit from a large pool of students drawn from different nations hence developing in them an international outlook and exposure. Our model also prepares our students for the increasingly popular global trend of working from home by helping them form a discipline of working under minimal or no supervision at all.

  10. Extra tutorship classes can be arranged for specific lessons/subjects. We also assist in acquiring learning materials on parent’s request.

Legal Status Of Homeschooling In Kenya

The law states clearly that it is the obligation of the parents and the government to ensure their children obtain basic education and there is no law against homeschooling in Kenya. In fact, there is a legal precedent that homeschooling is acceptable as the traditional schooling.

The government requires private students to register for national exams, and we ensure all students that are due for national and international exams are duly registered as such, we also assist in getting accredited examination centers for our learners. All along the journey we ensure parents and students are kept abreast with the policies in the education sector and always act as the link between the students/parents and the government.

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