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Dominic Kimani


Education;Bachelor’s degree in education, a diploma in education, a P1 certificate in basic education.

Experience: I am a T.S.C registered teacher with 17 years in teaching, 12 of which have been in senior management positions in various established schools in Nairobi. Subject Combination: Mathematics and sciences.

My Philosophy: I lead a team of highly qualified professionals in achieving the desired goals and make the institution mission and vision a reality hence enhance a conducive environment for smooth, fun and enjoyable learning and teaching.

At Sunrise Homeschooling, we mold a holistic learner by ensuring timely and thorough syllabus coverage, expose learners to skills not only to excel in academics but also to meet the Cambridge standards and nature talents. Our extra-curricular programs enable learners to be more dynamic and ensure they are citizens who can be resourceful to the society.
We offer home education that is fully compliant to the IGCSE (Cambridge) curriculum. Register your child today. 

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