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Questions & Answers

What is homeschooling?

It is a model of learning where children/student learn from home, without having to go to school. The children
receive all schooling services online. The homework, assignments and exams are conveyed and submitted
online, and the is a close personal relationship between the teacher and students.

Is it in accordance with the law and does the government approve homeschooling?

The law says it’s the role of the parent and the government to ensure all children receive basic education, and there is no law for or against homeschooling. As a parent, you are only required to ensure your child receives education and when necessary, sit for the national exams. Parent achieve that by enrolling their children in a system where the child is taught and is examined by National examination council.

That is what traditional schools do for parents, and that is exactly what we guarantee to do for you. We ensure your child receives full and approved education that is taught by qualified, experience and government registered teachers, we register them with the government for national exams, and arrange for examination centers for them to sit national exams when ready.

What Curricula do you cover?

8-4-4 curriculum:
Currently these curriculum is being phased out and its being replaced with competency based curriculum.
However students from class 5 to Form 4 are still under these curriculum, and for those classes, we teach 8-4-4 curriculum.

2-6-3-2 commonly known as Competency Based Curriculum (CBC):
Approved and adopted in 2018, grade 1-4 are currently under this program and we do cover it to the expected benchmarks, taught by teacher who have undergone special training by the government.

International Curricula:
We also cover the British IGCSE, American curriculum and Accelerated Christian Education (ACE)

Who are your target students?

For IGCSE, we target all ages of students taking lower, middle, and high school. We take them through comprehensive Cambridge curriculum according to the course outline as issued by Cambridge. We ensure that by the time your child sits for exam, they have learnt all that is expected. The students get full learning experience from highly qualified and widely experienced teachers.

For 844/CBC, private students have been studying on their own without any formal tutorship and they’re often disadvantaged when competing with school – going students. Not anymore! We give them quality, affordable education according to the 844 & CBC curricula and ensure they’ve learnt and understood all they need to by the time they sit for exams. This includes wide variety of extracurricular activities P.E lessons and clubs.

If my child won’t go to school, how will they be taught from home?

Children registered with us are taught by our teachers through online classes. They are comprehensive and fully fledged class with higher teacher-student ratio that traditional schools. Students are taught to cover the whole syllabus by the time they sit for national exams.

Parents are sent class reminders by our ICT system to ensure your children won’t miss the classes and attendance is monitored.

Will they understand and be as competent as other students going to school?

Yes. Our teachers are fully equipped to teach, and follow to ensure children understand the lessons and concepts and where necessary take extra time with students, especially the students of higher classes. The students are taught using the same syllabus that is used in schools since they will also sit the same national exams.It has been observed that children under homeschooling, given the fact that they learn in a more relaxed and stress-free environment, often do better that in performance the students in traditional schooling.

How qualified are your teachers?

The teacher that teach online classes are hired on competitive recruitment and we endeavor to only engage the best. Teachers we have hired have average of 5 years’ experience in teaching, all teachers are registered with Teachers Service Commission (TSC) and other international bodies for international curricula. We also ensure to engage teacher with good command of English and Kiswahili languages to give leverage to the students when it comes to grammar and languages.

What about extra-curricular activities and play time?

Homeschooling timetable and class schedules are designed to ensure children cover the syllabus in the most relaxed manner, wile at the same time ensuring children are get sufficient time to play and engage in extra curricular activities. It’s a delicate balance but we have engaged the best in the industry to ensure functional and practical balance is achieved.

Further, we are in the process of arranging for extra curricular activities for the students under our homeschooling umbrella. These activities will be held once in a week, where students will converge to engage in various activities which shall include but not limited to games, music, dance, biking, drama, skating, debate. These will also include co-curricular activities like book clubs, agricultural clubs etc to compliment the subjects. Teachers will advise the parents/guardians on educational trips that the children should be expose to and when.

Our vision is to ensure all children registered with us are modeled into well-natured, educated, exposed,  responsible and well-rounded citizens that will be useful and adaptive to the global village that our world has

Who will teach my children good behaviors and morals?

Behavioral and moral lessons are discussed in classes, but parents/guardians will primarily be the ones to engage their children, and inculcate in them the social philosophies, religious convictions they desire their children to embrace. In Locke's philosophy, its stated that children are born tabula rasa, meaning at birth, their brain is "clean slate", and it’s up to the parents to write on that slate whatever they wish their children to believe and practice.

We encourage the parents/guardians to be proactive, deliberate, and real in ensuring children receive relevant and
practical advice on pertinent philosophies they wish their children to embolden in life. This is especially advantageous because it mitigates scenarios where children pick up negative behaviors and moral aspects because of peer pressure, coercion and bullying.

Parents get to monitor their children behavioral changes at a close rage and intervene where necessary.

What will happen when it’s time to go to high school or university?

After the children complete class 8 or form 4, students can apply and be admitted on any school of their choice based on their results and the law states that such applications will be considered without biases or favoritism.

There are countless number of students who have undergone homeschooling and they have gone ahead to join public and private high schools and universities both locally and abroad.

How much does homeschooling cost as compared with school-based costs?

Homeschooling costs are relatively lower as compared to traditional school costs. The first part of savings come in school fees. You will notice that our fees are much less as compared to normal school fees. 

Another advantage with that with homeschooling you choose whether you want to pay weekly or monthly. There is definitely a saving when you pay monthly or termly, but weekly payment ensures your children will never miss a class, and helps the parent pay the fees without straining.

The second part of cost savings come with the transport costs. For a long time, parents have continued to foot high transportation costs which sometimes amount up to 50% of the school fees and even more. With homeschooling, the parents get to save full transportation costs.

Other savings the parents get to save is expensive school meal costs, accessories like uniforms, shoes, caution money, etc. We have parents who have reported 50 – 80% savings in fees.

How do I register my child?

Please go to our registration page on the website of follow here.

How and where do I access the learning materials?

Learning materials include books, pens, pencils, etc., CBC curriculum and international curriculum incorporates a little more learning martials than the 8-4-4. Such would include drawing materials, rulers, ink, etc. For all these materials, we have negotiated for lower costs with specific shops and service providers where you can get them at better prices.

A major component would be a smart phone or a computer that child will use to log in to the online classes. Its our view that most homes have a smart phone or two, and that its easy for parents to avail this to the children. Where the parents would need assistance to acquire such, we have arranged with a company that would avail such to the parents and allow them to pay over a period of one year. If you require such assistance, please contact our office.

What about homework, assessment tests?

At the end of every topic, the teacher gives homework to the students, the parents aught supervise their children when doing the homework to ensure its done independently and its submitted on time. Homework and assignments are submitted online by clicking submit tab.

How will you assist when my child is sitting national exams?

When children are due to sit for national exams, we register them for you with the government and obtain examination numbers. We also arrange and avail examination centers that are convenient and accessible to the children, and any other reasonable support needed.

How would I know how my child is performing in class?

Every parent receives monthly report forms for every student at the end of the month. The report forms details of aspects of the child’s study, their performance of homework and assignments, their class attendance and teachers note to parent specific to the student.

See a sample report form here.

What are my roles as a parent?

The parent is expected to play the following roles under homeschooling:

  • Ensure the students has sufficient learning materials.
  • Ensure the student accesses online classes.
  • Pay the homeschooling fees
  • Ensure to children are fee from distractions during online classes and encourage the student
    concentrate during classes
  • Supervise homework, assignments and exams and upload them for marking
  • Expose the students to educational tours as shall be directed by the teachers
  • Actively participate in WhatsApp groups with the teacher and other parents

How do I communicate to the teachers?

All parents will have direct contacts for the class teachers and extra one for class manager and they can talk to them anytime apart from when classes are going on.

Further, all parents are put into WhatsApp groups with other parents of the same class and the class teachers where they can discuss matters specific to that class and even propose ways on how we can improve on our service delivery.

What if I don’t have an extra smart phone, what will my child use to learn?

For parents who may require extra smart phone or computer, we have arranged for them to access such and pay via installments. E.g, A parent can receive a brand new quality smart phone and pay either daily, at Kshs 50 per day, Weekly at Kshs 350 per week, Monthly at Kshs 1,500 per month, for seven months, with a deposit of Kshs 2,350.

What if my home doesn’t have electricity to charge smart phone/computer?

To ensure that all students access our services, we have considered homes without electricity, and we have arranged for solar systems to charge smart phones and lighting for children to use for doing homework and assessments. For solar system, parent will be paying Kshs 25 per day, with a deposit of Kshs 1,250.

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