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Our services are to facilitate streamlined, fully fledged and robust homeschooling services through online classes and tutorship, assignments and exams, assessments and providing monthly report forms to the parents. Further, we provide extra support in learning areas which the child finds difficult. We are also working of arranged extra-curricular activities for the homeschooling children, which will be suited for various localities where children can learn other activities like dance, music, foreign languages, biking, skating etc.

Our aim is to give our students safe, quality, affordable, and convenient primary and high school education.

What We Offer

We offer extensive online teaching classes, covering the syllabus in detail and in good time. Classes are designed to allow flexible and relaxed learning module for the students and allows sufficient time for children to engage in personal study, extra-curricular and play activities.

We assist the Parent in the following ways:

  1. Student registration and assessment
    i. We register students and give them unique HS Number
    ii. We assess the student to gauge which grade/class they best fit
  2. Teaching/tutorship
    i. We ensure the students are taught with the approved curricula
    ii. We ensure students are taught by qualified, experienced, and registered teachers
    iii. We ensure value for money for the parents by offering quality and approved content
  3. Parent Engagement
    i. We ensure the parent gets monthly report forms to monitor the student performance
    ii. We conduct frequent teacher/parent meetings
    iii. We keep the parents informed with our programs and information
  4. National Exams
    i. For students who are due for national exams, we register them with the government
    ii. We arrange for registered examination centers
  5. Other Support
    i. Books - Parents only need to acquire the most necessary books and learning materials
    ii. Smart phones/computers – Since some parents may require extra gadgets for the student’s
    use, we have arranged for parents to get new smartphones and they pay only Kshs 50 per day
    or 1,500 per month for the gadgets, for few months depending on the type.
    iii. Solar power – For parents whose homes don’t have electricity, we have arranged them to
    have solar system to charge the smart phones and computers and they pay Kshs 25 per day
    for few months.
  6. Extra-Curricular Activities
    i. Plans are underway, to make sure students converge in certain central areas and engage in robust and fun extra-curricular activities on Wednesday afternoons.
    ii. We shall be holding parents meeting/fun day once per quarter. Which will be interactive and fun party.

Homeschooling Packages

In Kenya, the average teacher-student ratio is 1:30.7, we have put our maximum to be 1:25 for Kenyan curricula and 1:10 for international curricula. This will enable the teacher to follow the students performance on a personal basis, enhance by the teacher-parent WhatsApp groups, calls and emails. The teacher is able to understand where the child has difficulty and put more emphasis on those areas.

Silver Class Package

1 teacher is assigned 25 students maximum.

Gold Class Package

1 teacher is assigned to 20 students maximum. This enhances the student performance even more.

Diamond Class Package

1 teacher is assigned to 15 students maximum. The teacher – student relationship is almost personal, and the students can call the teacher any time for any assistance.

Platinum Class Package

1 teacher is assigned to 10 students maximum. The teacher walks with the student step by step, and ensures the student is at per with expected performance.

Exams & Assignments

Teachers give the students homework, assignment, and monthly assessment tests to ensure the students understand and internalize the things they have been taught. At the end of each term, the students sit for exams just like in traditional schooling, to establish that degree to which the students understands the materials and concepts learnt through the term.
The parent is expected to assist the students by printing the assignments and monitoring the student in doing homework and assignments, and when they finish, take a picture/scan and upload the homework on the platform for teacher to mark.

Monthly Report Forms

Every month, we give the parents report forms detaining the student profile with us. It also shows how the students have performed through the month, class attendance, and teachers notes to the student.

See sample report form here.

Exam Centers & Registration

We also register all the students on out platform for national exams when such become due. We ensure to furnish the government with all requisite data and information regarding the students on out platform.

Examination Centers

For the students sitting national exams, we arrange and avail a certified for examination centers convenient for the students on our platform and follow and avail the results to the students.

Extra-curricular Activities

We are in the process of establishing vibrant extra-curricular activities for students on our platform. The program will be rolled out in the next few months, and will allow students from a the same locality to gather to one common and central point for extra curricular activities such as games, music, biking, skating, dance etc


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