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About Sunrise Homeschooling

Homeschooling is not a new concept in Kenya. Many parents have taken their children through this model of schooling with enormous success.

In fact, some families have taken all their children through this model and those children have gone ahead to pursue careers of their choice in private and public universities without any hindrances at all.

Homeschooling is extremely popular in western world and first world countries like the USA, Europe, South Africa, and its largely becoming popular in the other parts of the world and majorly in Africa.

In Kenya, there are Increasing numbers of parents deciding to take control of their children’s education and subscribing to the homeschooling model, given its enormous intellectual, social and economic benefits.

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Countries On Board

Our student population is international, It is drawn from wide ranging nations across the globe and the portfolio is growing each day. A lot of Kenyans in the diaspora are joining our platform and citizens of other nations are enrolling their children to take the British curriculum. This gives our students a wide social network which helps expose and prepare them for the global village our world has become. The following nations are already on board:

Students & Parents Feedback

"My parents signed me up for homeschooling and I can just say that it's the best. Not only am I learning so much, but the teachers take us step by step through everything...and even subjects where I was a bit weak, I can now say that I feel am much better at them. Sunrise Homeschooling is the best."
Brandon Mwangi
Sunrise Homeschooling Student

Partners & Content Providers

For Kenya Curricula, we use KICD 8-4-4 curriculum and CBC design. For International Cambridge IGCSE, students shall sit for exams at British Council
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    We offer home education that is fully compliant to the IGCSE (Cambridge) curriculum. Register your child today. 

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