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About Sunrise Homeschooling

Our vision is clear. We are on a mission to drive the future with tech based innovative education system, disrupting the traditional schooling by offering a comprehensive virtual school that will result in well nurtured educated global citizens who will contribute significantly to the economic well being of their lives, their families and their regions.

The next generation is already here. They are tech savvy, smart, and ready to take on the world. Traditional schooling won’t work for them. They want something new, more inclusive and in tandem with the global trends. A schooling system where new ideas will be born and transformative concepts will come to life. One that guarantees quality, higher output, global social network, convenience, and affordability.

What problem are we solving?

In traditional schooling, children wake up at 4 - 5 am, waste 3 - 4 hours in traffic daily, back-to-back lessons with loads of homework. Often insecure, tiring, poor performance due to exhaustion, strained family ties, costly to the parent, inconvenient and analog.

How are we solving it?

Globally, parents are looking for quality, globally accredited, affordable, and convenient schooling solution for their children. Our solution is a comprehensive online school, delivered via an online platform that is widely and inclusively developed, health and security conscious and tech driven portal, where student can log in from across the globe, attend live, fun and highly interactive classes, delivered by best talent qualified teachers teaching from across the globe. Students receive internationally accepted qualifications and get admitted to any top university of their choice globally.

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Countries On Board

Our student population is international, It is drawn from wide ranging nations across the globe and the portfolio is growing each day. A lot of Kenyans in the diaspora are joining our platform and citizens of other nations are enrolling their children to take the British curriculum. This gives our students a wide social network which helps expose and prepare them for the global village our world has become. The following nations are already on board:

Students & Parents Feedback

"My parents signed me up for homeschooling and I can just say that it's the best. Not only am I learning so much, but the teachers take us step by step through everything...and even subjects where I was a bit weak, I can now say that I feel am much better at them. Sunrise Homeschooling is the best."
Brandon Mwangi
Sunrise Homeschooling Student

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For International Cambridge IGCSE, students shall sit for exams at the British Council
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    We offer home education that is fully compliant to the IGCSE (Cambridge) curriculum. Register your child today. 

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